What is Living Green

1. Own Your Green Foot Print

GreenConcierge features many tours templates to facilitate impromptu and adventitious experiences to help you learn how your everyday choices impact your local environment. Every little bit counts! Even a tiny push in a positive direction can change the world.

2. Becoming a Decadent Greeny (#decadentgreeny)

DEFINITION: Greeny: Something of the Color Green

Everyone is different, their line of work or place of abode will have an intrinsic impact on their utilization of Earth’s resources. Being a DECADENT GREENY((#decadentgreeny ) is about making small strategic choices that can cumulatively have a huge impact on your Green Foot Print, but have minimal impact on your positive quality of life. It's being the agent of change for your friends and family to follow.

GreenConcierge Evangelists help make thoseg green choices easy and fun.

3. Acting Like a Bee - Making Collaborative Green Choices

“Every one of us needs to behave a little more like a bee society, a insect society. Where each of our individual actions could contribute to grand solution – an emergent property – that is much greater than the mere sum of our individual actions. So let the small act of planting flowers (while traveling), keeping them free of pesticides, be the driver of large scale change” – Marla Spavek (http://www.ted.com/talks/marla_spivak_why_bees_are_disappearing)