How it Works

1. Choose a Destination

Find a city where you want to vacation or have a business trip.

2. Select Your Green Travel Guide

Select a Self-Guided tour for those of you who want to pick and choose. For those interested in packaged tours with accommodations and discounts select Designer tours.

3. Use Your Mobile to Follow Your Guide Itinerary

Select your guide, view your map and start your trip. Bees do this in there hive before their trip.

4. Evaluate, Make and Record Your Green Choices

Make green choices and record your decisions like a bee chooses flowers for nectar.

5. Talk to Our Concierge via
Skype & Google Chat to Get Travel Tips

When you need "in person" help during your trip just send a chat message

6. Return Home and Share

Like any good bee, when you return home share your experiences.